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BAW Architecture, a recognized leader in control room design, underwent a complete rebranding in early 2015. The result is a brand that boldly claims this leadership position and a website that combines clear, concise copy with inspiring video and photography that makes it clear: if you are a company that needs a 24/7 manned, mission critical control room—BAW Architecture is the company you need to work with. In addition to a new responsive website, Stacey Schultz Design created a new logo, identity system and marketing collateral while providing ongoing support with search engine strategy and email marketing.

Stacey Schultz: Creative direction, visual design, information architecture & project management
Jane Klein: Copywriting & search strategy
Michelle Dodd: WordPress development

Beth Barbee, Darwin Branding: Brand strategy

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“When I realized I needed to invest in my web presence I vetted a lot of companies. When I met Stacey’s team I knew immediately that this was it. Stacey is so composed, she can explain things so well. She connected with me such that I could understand what she was talking about. But what really got me was the enthusiasm—it was the combination of knowledge, technical expertise, communication skills and enthusiasm that the whole team possessed, that sealed the deal.

Then the question became can she deliver? Sure, this is cool and exciting, but can these people really do what they said they can do? The answer is emphatically yes (and I would have realized quickly if they couldn’t back it up). I relinquished my tendency to micro-manage, and just engaged and trusted. And then a funny thing happened—the interviews and discovery sessions became the highlight of my week. I was learning all these new things, but more than that, the team at SSD were all so available and interested. I wanted to take advantage of web communications technology to nurture and stabilize my business that I had built for 20 years. Suddenly there was synchronicity. I took a risk bringing in this team, it is a significant commitment and investment. But I knew I needed it. I made the right decision. They really came through.”

–Brad Adams Walker, Architect, President and Founding Principal